Leading design teams for delivering valuable digital experiences.

Rulo a.k.a @rulotico it’s a designer and entrepreneur that loves to encourage people to create outstanding projects.

My Design Principles focus on be empathic to understand the users, creating a systematic workflows, not forgetting the creativity and measuring the result.


💳 Design Operations Manager
Albo challenger bank Currently

Leading product designers to creating apps an making accesible financial service.

⚡️ Founder CTO
Sable Studio

Software studio creating web, mobile apps, and marketing content. Check on sable.mx

📱 Senior Product Designer
Sacs Cloud

Creating apps and tecnology, investigation and solid ideas for make software application for sales and business processes. Check the draft document of procedular builder ERP.

Point of sale mobile
Data table constructor

✅ Teacher Expert

Planning professional courses with live streaming and expert teacher in programming, marketing, design and business.

Design system for Designers
Design system for Coders
UI Design
Html Websites

📦 Google Expert Interaction design
Google expert program

A global program to recognize individuals who are experts and thought leaders.

🇯🇵 Tokyo design system speaker
Tokyo tech ecosystem

A series of talks in different companies learning about the design workflow.

🇨🇴 Conf Speaker
Platzi Conf

The space for creators, entrepreneurs and enthusiasm joining to listen expert talks about development and the updates of the industry. Over 3000 people. Check on here.

🇲🇽 Mexico Bus Director
Startup Bus

Leading teams that empower the creators of the next generation of technology companies to disrupt the status quo, StartupBus is the legendary startup competition and boot camp that fast forwards lives and careers, changing how you see the world and your place in it. Check on startupbus.mx or check the video.

🏀 Leader Dribbble Community Mexico City
Dribbble CDMX

Leading a community bringing together designers and developers to discuss the process between design and code. Improving the knowledge around the workflow. Check our community here.

Check my LinkedIn, download my Curriculum.pdf (5min lecture) or check the extended version here (20min lecture)